Any peanut & peanut product business people like domestic trader, manufacturer, exporter, importer, international buyer & seller, reseller, whole seller, can be a member of PEANUT WORLD B2B PORTAL

Membership Benefits

Once you become member of PEANUT WORLD B2B PORTAL you can enjoy following benefits.

      • You can contact any buyer or seller of peanut through CHATTING, TELEPHONE, E-MAIL, FAX.
      • You can do business without broker hence you save brokerage charge
      • Any trade dispute can be solved easily because buyer and seller are in direct touch.
      • Buyer & Sellers meet each other on Peanut world instead of depending on one or two brokers. By this way you can know real price and demand of your product.


PEANUT WORLD also works as a broker

Comprehensive brokerage service

In some cases buyer & seller don’t know each other or they might have doubt in quality & delivery of supplier or payment terms of buyer. In such case PEANUT WORLD will work as a broker under following conditions

    • Buyer & seller must be trust stamped member (Reputed Company) of PEANUT WORLD.
    • PEANUT WORLD always works in factory passing as well as counter check at port or any other destination in India.
    • PEANUT WORLD has his own passing representative everywhere in India our representative does the sampling at factory at the same time he will keep video recording of whole sampling procedure & upload in our site this way buyer can check quality of material.
    • On other hand at the place of destination our representative does the sampling and keep video recording of whole sampling procedure & upload on our site by this way supplier can get report of his product.
    • If there is major variation in both reports PEANUT WORLD arbitration division will handle the case by watching and comparing video clips of both places and give judgment within 3 working hours. In case of problem in network it may be delayed but our arbitration division will try its best to hasten the whole procedure.
    • Buyer or seller will have to accept the judgment of PEANUT WORLD arbitration division.
    • The aim of using this procedure is to avoid the dispute between buyer & seller and to avoid discrimination to buyer & seller by PEANUT WORLD.
    • This is true, transparent & most effective & Most advanced technology of dealing with buyer & seller & working as broker
    • PEANUT WORLD deals only in truck load or container load quantity in case of deal with quality specification. In case of branded product we deal also in part load quantity
    • At the completion of deal, It will be the sole responsibility of PEANUT WORLD to collect
      C FORM OR H FORM from buyer and to delivered to supplier of commodity.
    • After submitting all necessary documents like C FORM, H FORM etc. to seller PEANUT WORLD will present the brokerage bill to buyer or seller.
    • PEANUT WORLD is interested to work with only genuine customer, we request our clients to work honestly.
    • PEANUT WORLD deals only in delivery base business where seller has to deliver the goods and buyer has to accept the goods.